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Mutant Cats DAO presents

Mutant World Fish Hackathon

Worldwide Event: November 29, 2021

Join us for our inaugural HACKATHON!

Assemble your team. Develop your idea to increase utility and effectiveness of fish token. Submit your proposal to the DAO.


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The MutantDAO has requested we setup a hackathon to expedite the number of innovative and creative ways we, as a community, can provide further $FISH and SERUM utility aside from simply speeding up SERUM production or curing MutantCats. This hackathon is seen as a means to accomplish this.

Our MutantGorillas love $FISH but our DAO FISH reserves love it more as it means that only the tastiest $FISH stays out in the community.

Our missions as a community is to make dapps that:

  1. Provide value to the Mutant Community in exchange for $FISH
  2. Send $FISH to our MutantDAO Wallet here: 0xb25a1d02b029d53212e4c356b6daad419762e606

In this hackathon we are calling on the community to help make this happen at speed! 🚀


There will be 25 ETH in prizes up for grabs! Below is the list of the distribution:

  • 🪙 1st Prize: 10 ETH ($43k)
  • 🪙 2nd Prize: 6 ETH ($26k)
  • 🪙 3rd Prize: 4 ETH ($17k)
  • 🪙 4th Prize: 2 ETH ($8.6k)
  • 🪙 🐟 Burner Bonus Prize: 3 ETH ($13k)

The DAO will vote for the winners and the burner bonus will be awarded automatically to the app that burns the most fish on average from the widest array of wallets in the weeks after the competition.


In the event that we don't have enough entrants by Dec 10 our dates will be postponed until we have 5 approved reigstrations

Nov 29Registrations open
Dec 10Registrations close & Hacking begins!
Dec 17Submissions close
Dec 20Projects are deployed to Mainnet
Dec 27DAO Votes!
Feb 01Burner bonus determined.

About Us

Mutant Cats released in early October 2021 was the first DAO to purchase and fractionalize Cool Cats, CryptoPunks and more valuable blue chip NFTs so they can be distributed to its members. The $FISH token, an ERC20 token on Ethereum, represents fractional shares of blue chip NFTs held in the vault but also is the primary token used for utility in the Mutant World. Each Mutant Cat NFT earns 10 $FISH per day from staking.

As November 2021 began MutantGorillas were released at Auction. MutantGorillas can be staked to earn SERUM NFTS which can be used to cure MutantCats which, inturn, allows breeding of virtual reality VX Cats for the Metaverse. MutantGorillas play an important role as the first $FISH sink and $FISH utility project to go live. $FISH token is used by staked gorillas to speed up SERUM production.

Here is where you can find out more about the MutantWorld:

Website | Github | Discord | Twitter

Your Project

  • Your project must contribute value to the Mutant Community.
  • Your project must send $FISH to the MutantDAO wallet.
  • You may collect a small fee of up to 5% of the $FISH you have sent to the MutantDAO wallet. This is in order to maintain your project for the long term.
  • Financial mechanisms must be trustless, auditable and on-chain.
  • Your project must be accessible by the mutant community and cannot be behind a paywall.... unless your paywall is in $FISH! ;-)
  • To qualify for the $FISH burner bonus your app must recieve $FISH from a wide number of wallets. Having your app only receive $FISH from a handful of wallets will disqualify you from the burner bonus.

Your Team

  • There are no limits on team size but we would recommend working in smaller teams of 5 or less. Teams of 1 are totally fine.
  • Teams must be registered by the registration date. Late entries will not be accepted.
  • Teams can have members from outside the MutantCat community although you will need at least one verified member on our discord for communication purposes.
  • Teams are welcome to share, gain advice or support from organizers, volunteers, sponsors, and others.
  • Teams are welcome to use an idea they have had prior to the event although they must be prepared to submit their project under the submission guidelines.
  • Teams can be disqualified from the competition at the organizers' discretion. Reasons might include but are not limited to breaking competition rules, poor conduct or other bad behaviour. This is an open supportive group. Sportsmanship, dignity and suportiveness are all important. We are here primarily to make the mutant community thrive. We are all on the one team.


In order to register for the hackathon you will need the following:

  • A fleshed out idea
  • A development team ready to execute on that idea
  • At least one Github account
  • At least one discord user account
  • A one page draft white paper

The white paper should include:

    1. What your project is
    2. How your project will work on a technical level. Eg contract architecture, technical architecture.
    3. Your deployment architecture

Register Here When Ready


  • You will submit your entry via github as a monorepo containing the source code of your entry. This should include Frontend, Smart Contracts and any cloud functions your application might use.
  • Your team must deploy and pin your frontend to any IPFS host of your choice. Eg. Fleek, Pinata
    NOTE: Moralis does not use IPFS to host their code so you will need to still use an IPFS pinning service to deploy your frontend if you use Moralis.
  • Your submission must include a link to the IPFS CID of your frontend in the as well as the ropsten addresses of your deployed contracts.
  • Projects must include a documented build command or script that builds the frontend to a folder (./out, ./build, etc...)
  • Running ipfs add -Qr --only-hash ./build must yield the same CID as the ipfs CID provided
  • Your project must be delivered under an MIT license. Naturally integrations with closed source documented third party APIs are totally acceptible eg. Opensea API. Github Oauth


  • All entries will be audited for security issues.
  • Projects found to have any malicious code will be immediately disqualified.
  • Minor unintentional security issues will be dealt with on a case by case basis.
  • Contracts should follow solidity best practices.
  • You have done well reading all of this can't wait to see what you come up with!